up-to-date: by J

necklaceFirst week back after holidays, thought I’d do a little rundown of what took place in the inbetween.

That lovely little necklace above is a charmingly chosen gift from the hubs, made by the talented people at Bario Neal. I’m completely smitten and have been wearing it non-stop.

Movie wise my favorite was herIt’s sci-fi in the way I love: our reality but answering dilemmas of the future, like what is the evolution of love? I also saw American Hustle, which was certainly entertaining. And I saw a doc I’ll write a whole post on next week.

I ate, oh did I eat! My three favorite spots in Vancouver were, Cartems, a sweet little donuterie, Wildebeest for a very meat-centric brunch, and PiDGiN for a date night dinner, where the duck and squid were fantastic (but there were 2 flops with the potato dish, and the sazer-quak! cocktail).

Much needed time with friends and family which included more eating, chatting, and a lovely hike-walk and dinner at a dear friend’s new home on Bowen Island.

Settling into 2014, feeling the first week back to yoga soreness, and listening to Nils Frahm.

xo J