Halloween and costumes: by J


This was my first year dressing up for Halloween in a long time.

I think I did a pretty good job of stressing out unnecessarily about my costume. I had so many questions swirling around: Was it still relevant? Could I make it? Was there something else I’d rather be? Would it be comfortable?

The answers in hindsight in order seem to be something like, who cares, I guess so, well even so save it for next year, and yes, quite.

I wonder how often I let myself stress out over something that is meant to be enjoyed.

I realized this as I put together the costume, and quieted the voice of fear that it would turn out a hideous mass of black felt and cardboard. Even if it had, who would have really cared?

xo J



good egg: by J


Ever wonder why one carton of a dozen eggs ranges anywhere from $2.49 to $11.99?

Turns out there is a big variation in the way eggs are produced. Similar to my post on buying chicken, eggs come from hens in all kinds of living conditions.

In an ideal world, choose organic, pasture raised eggs. What does that mean? The chicken is fed organic food, has access to the natural bugs and such they would eat in a field, and they have free access to the outdoors.

If that’s not available or accessible, shoot for organic, cage free and free range.

Phrases and terms to be wary of: cage free can mean little more than an unsanitary overpacked hen house, omega added feed is nice, but doesn’t necessarily trickle that much down into the egg itself, and “all natural” one of the industries favorites means very little, as it has no definition, and as far as I know most eggs are “all natural” as they come from chickens.

Plus, if you haven’t before had one, an egg as nature intended is really a beautiful thing,

xo J

a more indepth article


kitHAUS love: by J


Air bnb had a pop up house at the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend, and I am completely in love with it.

I couldn’t find an image of the one from this weekend, but a little on line research uncovered a differently decorated one on Elle Decor for Lake Bell.

I love tiny neatly arranged spaces, and this was the perfect little getaway space with a full bed, a covered multipurpose sitting and eating area and washroom.

Of course for something more long term I’d need a kitchen, but for a few nights, or as a guest house, just right.

The units are made and sold by kitHAUS,

xo J

enamelware crush: by J

kaufmannstoragebox kaufmannstorageboxes

I love the style of these simple enamelware, food safe containers from Kaufmann Mercantile.

I’m always losing tupperware, and these seem pretty enough to make sure I track them down.

The bases are sturdy enough for oven and even campfire heating, with a beautiful acacia wood top, free of finishing chemicals.

xo J

pasta with roasted delicata squash: by J


I made this on a weekday afternoon. I was excited to try the delicata squash I had just bought. I knew I wanted to roast it, and I had a beautiful bunch of kale that seemed a likely accomplice.

I thought about a roasted squash and kale salad, but ultimately I was craving the comforts of fall foods.

I did feel a bit self indulgent, so many pots for a single plate of pasta for one, but the hubs and I weren’t having dinner together so I felt like making one meal just for me was a forgivable indulgence.

Plus there was leftover squash for a few other quick meals.


Roasted delicata squash with kale, chili flakes, garlic, and grana padano

Recipe of sorts:

1 delicata squash

3-4 dino kale leaves

a handful of dried spaghetti (I used gluten free)

1 clove of garlic

grana padano (or another similar cheese like parmesan)

chili flakes to taste

salt+ pepper + olive oil

  • preheat oven to 425
  • wash squash, cut in half lengthwise removing seeds with a small spoon, and cut into thin slices
  • toss the squash with roughly 2 tbsp olive oil season with salt and pepper and scatter on a roasting pan, roast for 10 minutes, flip and roast for an additional 10 minutes or until browned and soft
  • bring a pot of water to boil for pasta
  • wash and remove kale from stalk, massage the kale quickly and roughly chop, and chop the stalk into small pieces
  • once your pasta is in the pot, heat a tbsp of olive oil in a pan on medium, add the clove of garlic finely sliced and chilli flakes to taste, after a minute, add the kale stalk
  • after 2-3 minutes add the kale and salt and pepper to taste
  • after a few more minutes once everything has softened add the squash and the pasta and toss
  • plate and finish with thick ribbons of grana padano

xo J

inspired by this recipe from Apartment 34

the art of collaboration: by J

dinosaurwoman I’m insanely smitten with these mother daughter collaboration works.

The mother draws the face, the daughter takes over at this point drawing the body and anything else that seems fitting to her, sometimes adding colour with markers, finally the mother finishes the piece with acrylic.

Like many, this collaboration did not start off smoothly, with the daughter initially making somewhat of a demand to be included in drawing in her mother’s new notebook.

In all fairness she is 4 years old.


In love,

xo J

All works by Mica Angela Hendricks and her daughter at busymockingbird

You can buy prints here

brought to my attention by my little sister!

on being well: by J


I’m just rounding the corner of a nasty summer head cold. The kind where I start to wonder what being well feels like. Yoga, will we ever meet again?

I’ve gone through my mental checklist on how exactly this happened to me, and what I can do to prevent it next time. Yes I’m aware I make a cold sound like a self deserved catastrophe, but nobody likes to be sick right?

I’m not sure, is it even possible to never get sick?

Well, my brain has probably looped around a million different thoughts as I’ve been sufficiently cloistered in my home. Hopefully, today, a nice walk for Lego, the rescue scruff, whose been a champion of comfort.

xo J

hot lemon tea from here

and my best cold remedies