quiet: by J

IMG_5939Introversion-extraversion seems to be the latest hot topic.

I finally picked up Susan Cain’s Quiet and found it very interesting. A self declared introvert, I found the explanation of the neuroscience aspects to be the most intriguing. Although, it makes a great read for both introverts and extroverts wanting to understand better themselves and the introverts in their life.

Overall the book looks at the different social needs of introverts and extroverts, examines strategies for introverts to utilize their natural traits, and even offers solutions for partnering with and raising introverts.

I didn’t love every aspect of the book, at times finding it a bit over the top as far as praising introversion, however, I certainly found it interesting and insightful.

xo J




more than honey: by J

IMG_5901More than honey is a beautiful doc about the plight of honey bees in the world today.

Beautifully shot, it hits on everything from traditional beekeeping, to modern practices, mono growing cultures, and the nature of these tiny workers.

I caught it on netflix, but you can also get it from the website.

My best suggestion is to enjoy locally and ethically produced honey whenever possible,

xo J

up-to-date: by J

necklaceFirst week back after holidays, thought I’d do a little rundown of what took place in the inbetween.

That lovely little necklace above is a charmingly chosen gift from the hubs, made by the talented people at Bario Neal. I’m completely smitten and have been wearing it non-stop.

Movie wise my favorite was herIt’s sci-fi in the way I love: our reality but answering dilemmas of the future, like what is the evolution of love? I also saw American Hustle, which was certainly entertaining. And I saw a doc I’ll write a whole post on next week.

I ate, oh did I eat! My three favorite spots in Vancouver were, Cartems, a sweet little donuterie, Wildebeest for a very meat-centric brunch, and PiDGiN for a date night dinner, where the duck and squid were fantastic (but there were 2 flops with the potato dish, and the sazer-quak! cocktail).

Much needed time with friends and family which included more eating, chatting, and a lovely hike-walk and dinner at a dear friend’s new home on Bowen Island.

Settling into 2014, feeling the first week back to yoga soreness, and listening to Nils Frahm.

xo J


back home: by J


I’m back home and settled in. It was so sweet to be back in Vancouver and hard to leave.

I’m always surprised how easy it is to get used to new environments. While I was in Vancouver, it seemed hard to live anywhere but, and being back everything I love here falls back into place.

I did so much catching up with family and friends, and eating.

Lego was the happiest I’ve seen him, pampered and in a house full of people.

There was some challenging delays, and missed flights that we waded through, Lego being a quiet champion, as we spent hours in airports, for a flight that shouldn’t be much than 2.5 hours each way.

I’ll catch you up soon on the movies I’ve seen, places I’ve eaten, and other sweet things I explored during my break,

glad to be back,

xo J

*photo by the hubs


Inside Llewyn Davis: by J


Inside Llewyn Davis, the latest Coen brothers movie, blew me away.

Llewyn Davis, a folk singer in 1961 New York, played by Oscar Isaac, is often detestable, and somehow equally mesmerizing.

The live on film performances add a striking immediacy, and John Goodman and Carey Mulligan don’t hurt either.

If forced to choose, I’d likely pick it my favorite of 2013.

xo J

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Summer Movies: by J

Thought I’d do a little run down on my favorite movies of the summer.

In A World


A smart quirky comedy that makes for a perfect date movie. Lake bell, wrote, directed and starred in this family drama, that looks at the voice over business, sexism, and relationships, in the funniest sweetest way possible. My favorite of the summer.

Short Term 12


An edgy drama, about youth in a short term care home and those employed to care for them, laced with a unique sense of humour, and anchored by a deep heart. This had me in tears, and thinking about the story for a long while after. Another directorial debut with some of the best newcomers and amazing performances across the board. A very close second.

The Spectacular Now


The coming of age summer movie. This one reminded me so much of the feeling of being in high school. It has a dark edge to it, and looks into the not so simple parts of growing up.

xo J

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A summery weekend: by J

ocean beach

I always forget just how nice it is here in the fall months.

This movie, which I loved, and a late dinner here, delicious.

One of those rare nights in the city where you don’t need a jacket and walking home is a sweet pleasure.

My first day of Gardening School learning basics of how to analyze site for sun exposure, soil type and irrigation needs, amongst so much more.

I have homework, and I’m so excited.

Sunday was a few hours at foggy Ocean Beach, and a quiet dinner at home with a ginger, cilantro seafood pot, steamed brown rice, and chile and fish sauce stir-fried greens.

Happy Monday,

xo J



student film: by J

I’ve talked about my love for Jon Klassen’s kids books.

But I recently rewatched his student film, and was reminded of how much I love his playful quirky style.

I can definitely relate to the feeling of searching for a sense of completeness and the ridiculousness of where I sometimes look.

So sweet,

xo J


eat, eat, eat: by J



One of those accidentally food stuffed weekends.

Friday night we grabbed a last minute spot at The Abbot’s Cellar, the all grown up big brother to their tiny in comparison Monk’s Kettle.

They are about craft beer and seasonal food, in a stunning wood and high ceilinged space.

I tried the Boston Tea Party, the inclusion of mate tea in a beer piqued my interest. It was good, and a little sour.

And don’t worry if you’re not too sure, our server was a wealth of knowledge and recommendations.

Oh and the food did not disappoint.

Saturday was a plethora of eats and drinks at a birthday BBQ.

I did make a juice cocktail, albeit not with cucumber or ginger juice, more on that later this week.

Sunday night was a last minute movie, a perfect for summer coming of age, it got to me, and I liked it alot.

And after a walk over to Berkeley’s Comal.

Airy with a beautiful open concept and green space in the back.

The corn on the cob and the fish tacos, and next time around I’m hoping for the ribs and margaritas.

xo J